SmartHub with Voice - Change the Admin Password

This info doesn't apply to changing the password used to connect to your SmartHub via Wi-Fi. The administration password is used to log in to the device web interface to manage settings (e.g. network name, network password, etc.).

  1. Sign in to the Admin Web Interface.
    Note Wi-Fi name and password can be obtained via the SmartHub's external display.
    Note You must be connected to the device via Wi-Fi to access the admin page:
  2. Click Administrator Administrator icon (located in the upper-left) then click Admin Settings.
  3. From Admin Settings, enter the the appropriate password into the following fields then click Change Password.
    Note The password must be 8-32 characters.
    • New password
    • Confirm new password
  4. From Change the Security Questions, select the appropriate security questions and answers then click Change Security Questions.
    • Select Security question
    • Answer security question

Note To change your SmartHub with Voice Wi-Fi password, check out this interactive demo.

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