SmartHub with Voice - Verizon Home App - Add a User

Note Notes:

  • The Smarthub owner account number cannot be changed.
  • Adding a user as administrator grants full access rights like the owner account.
  • The Guest user invitation code expires after 24 hours.


  1. Tap Verizon Home SmartHub app icon.
  2. From the Dashboard, tap Users SmartHub app users icon (located at the bottom).
    Verizon Home dashboard
  3. From Users, tap the Add icon SmartHub app add icon.
    SmartHub app Add Users
  4. From Add a user enter the following:
    • Name
    • Email address
  5. From Allow Access until, select the date then tap OK.
  6. From Smart Home options, select devices user can control.
    Note Alternatively, tap All to grant full access to connected Smart home devices.
  7. From Advanced options, grant administrator access as needed then tap Add user.
    Note Administrator rights are enabled when a a checkmark is present.
    Note Administrators have access to all devices.
    SmartHub app add a User


Note For additional info, check out these SmartHub & Verizon Home FAQs.

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