NumberShare - My Verizon Website - Order a Device

Note All images below are examples. User experience, prices and available devices may vary.

  1. From a computer, visit the All Connected Devices page.
    Select Connected Devices
  2. Click the color choice, purchase option (e.g., $60.00 / month, $399.99 Retail Price, etc.), and shipping option.
  3. Tap Add to Cart.
    Choose model and payment options
  4. Select one of the following:
    • Upgrade existing line
    • Add a new line
    Upgrade or add a line screen.
  5. Choose a number to share then click Continue.
    Note Share a mobile number with another device on your account (Apple Watch cannot be a standalone device and must be shared with an iPhone).
  6. Select one of the following then click Continue:
    • Total Mobile Protection
    • Decline Equipment Protection
  7. Choose the desired plan option then click Continue:
  8. Get a new mobile number
    • Add any additional desired features (if applicable) then click Continue.
    • Finalize the purchase (shipping address, totals, payment, etc.) then click Submit.

Note For additional info on eligibility and pricing, check out these NumberShare FAQs.