SmartHub with Voice - Verizon Home App - Edit a Routine

Note The images below are an example (options vary by device).

  1. Tap Verizon Home SmartHub app icon.
  2. From the Dashboard, tap Routines SmartHub app Routines icon (located at the bottom).
    Verizon Home dashboard
  3. From Routines, select the appropriate routine.
    Verizon Home Routines tab
  4. From When my, tap the existing device.
    Verizon Home edit routine start
  5. From Select a Device, select the appropriate new device.
    Verizon Home routine select new device
  6. From Select an Event, select the desired event.
    Verizon Home Routine event selection
  7. From 'Make my', tap the existing device.
  8. From Select a Device, select the device that reacts to your first device.
    Verizon Home routine edit device triggered
  9. From 'Select an Action', select the desired action.
    Verizon Home routines edit device trigger
  10. Tap Save to apply changes.
    Verizon Home edit routine modified


Note For additional info, check out these SmartHub & Verizon Home FAQs.

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