My Verizon Mobile - 4G Basic Phone - Manage Profile

Note Available options may vary based on user type (e.g., Account Owner, Account Manager, Account Member) and your Verizon plan.

  1. Access My Verizon Mobile.
  2. From the 'I want to' section, select one of the following:




Change User ID

To change your User ID, enter a name that's all letters or a combination of letters and numbers. Don't use all numbers or spaces.




Change Secret Question

If you forget your password, you can gain access to your account by correctly answering the Secret Questions you provide below.

  • New Secret Question
    Note Choose a  question from the dropdown menu in the 'Select a question' field.
  • Enter in your Answer
    Note Your answer must be 3-40 characters, letters or numbers, spaces and periods are allowed.




Change Contact Numbers

To change your contact number, enter the new number.




Edit Share Name ID

Select what you would like your device to be named:

  • Enter name
  • Wireless caller