Transfer Content - Content Transfer App - Apple® iPhone® to Android™

To easily move your content (e.g., contacts, pictures, music, etc.) from your current Apple phone to your new Android phone using the Content Transfer app follow these steps.

Caution Any contacts or media backed up to any Cloud service (e.g., Verizon Cloud, iCloud, Google Drive, etc.) are not transferred by the Content Transfer app and need to be restored to the device using the same service. The Content Transfer app only transfers contacts, media, etc. to the new device that haven't already been backed up to a cloud service.

Note Notes:

  • How long it takes to transfer your content is determined by how many files you are transferring and the size of the files.
  • Video Icon For a quick overview of the Content Transfer app, watch this video.


  1. Activate your new phone by using the instructions included in the box with the phone.
  2. Follow the steps in Smart Setup Content Transfer app guide to transfer your contacts and media from your old phone to your new phone.
  3. Make sure all of your content has been transferred to your new phone. If any content is missing on your new phone check your cloud services (e.g., Verizon Cloud, iCloud, Google Drive, etc.) to see if any content needs to be transferred from them.

For additional info on backing up or transferring media content, refer to Transfer Content Between Devices.