Connected Car - Toyota / Lexus - Sign Up for Free Trial

Note Notes:

  • The free trial promotion is from when the service is activated until either the data usage cap is reached or time limit expires, whichever occurs first.
    • Toyota: 2 GB of data usage or 6 months
    • Lexus: 4 GB of data usage or 12 months
  • To sign up for the Wi-Fi trial, you need to:
    • locate then notate the IMEI for your Toyota/Lexus.
    • follow the steps below or contact:
      Toyota Customer Experience Center (CEC)
      Servco (Toyota/Lexus) Hawaii
      Lexus Customer Assistance Center (CAC)


  1. Ensure your Wi-Fi Hotspot is on.
  2. Using a Wi-Fi capable device (e.g., smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.), establish a connection with your car's Wi-Fi hotspot.
    Note If necessary, refer to View Network Name and Password.
  3. Launch the web browser on your connected device.
    Note Your browser is automatically directed to the Verizon Wi-Fi sign up page.
    Note If you are not in your vehicle and connected to the vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot;
    1. Navigate to:
    2. Follow the on screen instructions to enroll in the Wi-Fi Trial.
  4. From the Verizon Wi-Fi sign up page, tap or click START WI-FI TRIAL.
  5. Enter the appropriate IMEI then click Continue.
    Note For assistance locating the IMEI, refer to View Device ID (ESN / IMEI / MEID).
  6. Enter your info into the required fields then review the Verizon customer agreement.
  7. To continue, select (check) I have read and agree to the Verizon customer agreement then tap or click Continue.
    Note Allow up to 15 minutes for the service to activate and to receive confirmation.


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