Verizon Smart Family™ - Android™ - Edit Content Filtering

Note To perform the steps below, content filters must be set up so that the dashboard appears.

  1. From the Smart Family parent app, select the appropriate family member from the top row of contacts (multiple may appear).
    Select appropriate family member
  2. From the Manage controls section, tap Content filters.
    Tap Content filters
  3. From the Content Filters dashboard, select a filter type:
    • Objectionable
    • Social Media
    • Messaging
    • Games
    • Downloads
    • Videos
    • Malware sites
    • More
    • Websites
      Content filters dashboard
  4. From each app/filter name, tap the adjacent switch (on the right) to turn on Switch on or off Switch off.
    Note When on, the app/filter is blocked.
    Note To block or unblock all, tap the switch located at the very top (e.g., All social media, All messaging, All games, etc.).
    Objectionable content with available filters
  5. Tap Save (at the bottom).
    Objectionable content with available filters and Save