Wired Connection - Wireless Home Phone T2000

Caution Electrical equipment can cause interference with Home Phone Connect. Avoid placing Home Phone Connect near other electrical equipment such as refrigerator, television and/or microwave oven.

  1. Insert the battery.
  2. If needed, attach the antenna.
    Note Antenna sold separately and can be purchased from any Verizon Wireless retail store or at the online store.
    Note Wireless Home Phone T2000 works fine without it in a normal environment. You can choose to buy the external antenna if you are planning to put this device where the signal might be weak like in the basement.
    Install the optional antenna
  3. Connect the power adapter to the device then plug it into an AC power outlet.
    Attach the power
  4. Disconnect the home telephone from the wall jack.
    unplug the phone
  5. Connect the home telephone to the device.
    Caution Don't plug the Home Phone Connect into the telephone wall jack.
    Connect the home phone
  6. Press the Power button (located at the back of the unit) to turn on the Wireless Home Phone.
    Note The power indicator turns blue when device is turned on.
  7. Place a call to start using the service.
    Note Ensure at least one of the signal strength indicator bars Signal bars is lit up. If no bars are lit, move the Wireless Home Phone to a location that receives a signal.
    Note You may need to use the three-digit area code when dialing local and long distance numbers.