Verizon Wireless Home Phone - Wired Connection

Warning Electrical Equipment can cause interference with Home Phone Connect. Avoid placing Home Phone Connect near other electrical equipment such as refrigerator, television, and/or microwave oven.

  1. Insert the battery.
    Note Refer to Insert/Remove Battery for additional assistance.
  2. Attach the antenna to the device.
    Attach antenna
  3. Disconnect the home telephone from the wall jack.
    Unplug home phone from wall jack line
  4. Connect the home phone to the device using a RJ11 phone cable.
    Note Ensure the home phone is switched to Tone, Pulse service isn't supported.
    Connect phone line
  5. Connect the power adapter to the device then plug it into an AC power receptacle.
    Connect AC power
  6. Press the Power button.
    Power button