Hum by Verizon - Navigate to a Location

If you want to navigate to a mapped location using the Hum app, view this info.

Note Notes:

  • You can use the Hum app to search for turn-by-turn directions to a location.
  • During route navigation, both your current speed and the posted limit is displayed on the screen.
  • When searching, you can tap the location field to choose preloaded addresses or points of interest (e.g., Gas, Shopping, etc.).

  1. From the Dashboard, tap the Menu icon (located upper-left).
    Note For quick access, tap the 'Tap for navigation' tile located at the bottom of the dashboard.
    Tapthe Menu Icon
  2. Tap Navigation.
    Side menu navigation
  3. Enter a location in the search field, then tap a suggested location or tap Done (located lower-right).
    Tap Done
  4. Verify the location then tap Get Directions.
    Tap Get Directions
  5. View the suggested routes then tap the desired route.
    Note Specific locations are indicated by a pin on the map.
    Note Traffic conditions are indicated by different colors on the map:
    • Blue or black lines indicate normal traffic conditions.
    • Yellow lines indicate moderate traffic.
    • Red lines indicate heavy traffic.
    Select a Route
  6. Tap GO.
    Tap Go

Note For additional info, check out these Hum FAQs.