One Talk Portal - Set Up Bridging

Note Notes:

  • Barge-in to a conversation to communicate with the participants of an active conversation (Barge-in Exempt can be turned on if needed for security reasons).
  • A user’s mobile phone with the One Talk dialer or One Talk App can also be bridged to a desk phone, enabling the lines of mobile-only users to be monitored.
  • Devices:
    • Only the T41, T46 and T49 can be used as the bridging source.
    • The T41 allows bridging up to 5 other One Talk lines (regardless of the device type).
    • The T46 and T49 allows to bridge up to 11 other One Talk lines (regardless of the device type).
    • One Talk lines can have a maximum of 2 desk phones. When bridging, the admin desk phone becomes part of the lines it bridges out to. You cannot bridge out to a One Talk line that already has 2 desk phones end points on it.

  1. Log in to My Business.
  2. Click Manage Account.
  3. From the Product Tools section, click One Talk.
    Note To navigate, mouse over each option.
    Click One Talk link
  4. In the search box (located the top right), enter the last 4 digits of the One Talk number.
  5. Highlight the MDN then click the red + icon (to add more numbers repeat steps 2 to 4).
    Add icon
  6. Click Bridge.
    Bridge the number