View Shipment Info - Cold Chain

Note The shipments tab displays active, pending and completed shipments. Underneath the device identifier and serial number, the last updated information and data points are displayed.

  1. Sign in to the Cold Chain portal.
  2. Click the Shipments tab then view the shipment info.
    Shippments tab
  3. Click the Edit icon Edit icon.
  4. To associate the shipments to the Organization:
    Note The OTA (over the air) communication of the device specific configurations requires the device to be powered on shortly after the shipment ‘Save’ has been selected.
    1. Click Add (located at the top right).
    2. From the 'Device ID' field, enter the device info.
    3. Review the appropriate information then click Save:
      • Product Serial Number
      • Product ID
      • Shipping From
      • Shipping To
        shippment details