Add Device Profile - Cold Chain

Note Device attributes are transmitted once a specific device has been added in the shipment screen. No updates can be made to attributes after a shipment is set up and a profile is selected. The ability to change the profile attributes after a shipment is set up is scheduled for a near-term future release.

  1. Sign in to the Cold Chain portal.
  2. Click the Device tab.
    Device tab
  3. Select the appropriate profile then click Add.
    click add
  4. Select the appropriate device.
    select device
  5. Enter the appropriate information in the 'Profile Attributes' section:
    • Temperature
      • Use the sliders to set a min, max or both to trigger a real-time alert notification when thresholds are exceeded.
    • Battery
      • Use the sliders to set a real-time alert when the battery reaches a specified level. Setting a threshold of 20% is recommended to trigger an alert reminder that the device need to be charged.
    Profile attributes
  6. Enter the appropriate location -Geofence info.
    Note 500 meters is the default radius of the Geofence which is approximately 3/10 of a mile.
    location info
  7. Enter the appropriate frequency definitions:
    • Receive GPS communications is the frequency the device powers on the GPS sensor and connects to GPS satellite to determine it’s longitude and latitude. A GPS coordinate is recorded and reported in the "view data" screen within a specific shipment on the Dashboard.
    • Receive communication determines how often a device records environmental attribute data like temperature. It stores the data until the "send communications" frequency is met.
    • Send communications determines how often the cellular signal is activated to send all the recorded and saved data.
    • Battery life is impacted greatly by the frequency of GPS and sensor communications sent from the device to the cloud platform.
    Frequency info