View Organization Details - Cold Chain

  1. Sign in to the Cold Chain portal.
  2. Click the Organization tab.
  3. From the 'Name' column, click the appropriate name.
    User setup
  4. Review the appropriate info:
    • Users
      • This section allows for the creation of new users.
    • Device Type
      • Popluates attributes available for the specific device.
    • Devices
      • This section allows the adminstrative user to add devices from a prepopulated list of devices used by the organization. Each device has a separate list of required and available fields. Refer to the system administrator for the specific entries needed for devices.
    • Alert Group
      • This section enables emailing of real-time alert notifications to the user. There can be multiple alert groups and duplicate users between the groups. Only users configured for in that specific organization are available for inclusion in the alert group.
    • Alerts
      • In this section you can customize email notifications. Use caution when editing the message as the fields surrounded by double greater and less than signs are reserved words.
    Org list sections