Apple® iPhone® - Restore from iCloud® Backup

Note Notes:

  • Follow these steps to restore content from a previous backup on your iPhone.
  • If your iPhone has previously completed setup, ensure backup has been completed then follow these instructions to erase all content.
  • If this is an upgrade or your phone was not activated when purchased, refer to activate a new iPhone.


  1. Press the Power button (top-right edge) to power the iPhone on.
  2. Tap the screen to choose language then tap the country or region.
  3. Tap Set Up Manually.
    Note If you have a previous device running iOS 11 or later, follow the directions to use Quick Start.
  4. Tap the Wi-Fi network, enter the Wi-Fi password then tap Join.
  5. From the Data & Privacy screen, tap Continue.
  6. If prompted to set up Face or Touch ID tap Continue.
  7. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the Touch or Face ID setup.
  8. Enter a passcode,  then re-enter passcode to confirm.
  9. Tap Restore from iCloud Backup.
  10. Enter your Apple ID to sign in to iCloud.
    Note If you forgot your password, follow these step-by-step instructions.
  11. To continue, review Terms and Conditions then tap Agree.
  12. From the 'Choose Backup' screen, choose which backup to restore.
  13. From the Keep Your iPhone Up to Date, tap Continue.
  14. If prompted, enter your Apple ID again to restore your previous purchases and apps.
    Note Ensure you maintain a data connection via Wi-Fi or cellular; if you disconnect from Wi-Fi, the transfer pauses until you are reconnected.
    Note Time to restore content depends on the amount of data being transferred.
    Restore progress bar
  15. Follow on-screen prompts to complete the initial setup.