Apple® iPhone® - Wirelessly Charge the Device

Note Notes:

  • The steps below apply to the following models:
    • iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max
    • iPhone X / XS / XS Max / XR
    • iPhone 8 Plus
  • Ensure a manufacturer-approved, Qi-certified charger marked with this logo by the Wireless Power Consortium is being used:
    Qi logo
  • The device should be left on the charger for at least one minute to ensure the device is charging properly.
  • If the device does not indicate it is charging, remove any possible obstructions (case, cover, etc.).


  1. Connect your charger to power.
  2. Place the charger on a level surface or other location as recommended by the manufacturer.
  3. Place your iPhone on the charger with the display facing up. For best performance, place it in the center of the charger or in the location recommended by the manufacturer.
    Wireless charging
  4. The iPhone starts charging a few seconds after being placed on the wireless charger.
    Note Charging when the Lightning bolt icon Charging icon is seen in the status bar.