Format SD / Memory Card - Casio Gz'One Boulder

Memory cards can be purchased from any Verizon Wireless retail store or at the online store.

Warning When formating the memory card all data on the card is permanently removed. Format the card ONLY if the files on the card are unwanted or if they are backed up.

There isn't a menu option to format the memory card.

  1. Ensure the handset is powered off.
    Note If on, press and hold the End key.
  2. From the right edge of the handset, locate and open the microSD card cover.
  3. With the gold contacts facing down, insert the memory card. Gently press in on the card to latch into place.
  4. Power the handset on.
    Note Press and hold the End key.

The memory card will have the following folder structure:

  • my_music
  • my_flix
  • my_pix
  • my_sounds