Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ - Common Camera Settings

Note For additional info on camera settings, refer to the Camera and Video section of the user guide.

  1. From a Home screen, tap Camera Camera icon (lower-right).
    Note If unavailable, swipe up or down from the center of the display then tap Camera.
  2. For general camera settings, tap the Settings icon Camera Settings icon (upper-left in portrait orientation).
  3. From the camera screen, swipe left or right to cycle through the available options (listed at the top of the display).
    Camera Options



  1. Tap Settings.
    Tap Settings
  2. Select an option:





  • Rear picture size:
    • 4:3 (12 MP)
    • 16.9 (9.1 MP)
    • 18.5:9 (7.9 MP)
    • 1:1 (9.1 MP)
  • Front picture size
    • 4:3 (8.0 MP)
    • 16.9 (6.0 MP)
    • 18.5:9 (5.2 MP)
    • 1:1 (6.0 MP)
  • Rear video size:
    • 16.9
    • FHD (1920x1080)
    • 18.5:9 (2224x1080)
    • 1:1 (1440x1440)
  • Front video size:
    • 16.9
    • FHD (1920x1080)
    • 18.5:9 (2224x1080)
    • 1:1 (1440x1440)




Shooting Methods

Tap either of the following to turn on Switch on or off Switch off :

  • Voice control
  • Floating Shutter button
  • Tap screen
  • Show palm
  • Tap heart rate sensor





  1. Tap the Flash icon.
    Flash icon
  2. Select an option:
    • On
    • Off
    • Auto




Camera Effects

  • Tap the Effects icon.
    Effects icon
  • Swipe left to choose a preset effect (e.g., Cozy, Forest, Evergreen, Sunshine, etc.).





Tap the Zoom icon then move the slider left or right to zoom in or out.




Scene Optimizer

The Scene Optimizer automatically adjusts your shots for the current scenery.




Camera Mode

From the top of the screen, swipe left or right to select an option.

  • Food
    Note Optimizes images taken of food.
  • Panorama
    Note Tap the Camera button then pan slowly in one direction.
  • Pro
    Note Manually adjust the ISO sensitivity, exposure value, white balance, and color tone.
  • Selective Focus
    Note Tap an object less than 20 inches away to focus on it then tap the Camera button to take a picture.
  • Auto
    Note Allows the camera to evaluate the surroundings and determine the ideal mode for the picture.
  • Super Slow-mo
    Note Captures video in slow motion.
  • AR Emoji
    Note Create emojis of yourself.
  • Hyperlapse
    Note Create time-lapse videos.




Switch Cameras

Tap the Camera Facing icon to switch between rear and front-facing camera.
Tap the Camera Facing Icon