Device Reference - Verizon Wireless 3G Network Extender (1X)

Name Type Function
Power LED n/a Indicates the power status.
System LED n/a Indicates the status of Network Extender connectivity to the Verizon Wireless network.
GPS LED n/a Indicates the GPS connection status.
WAN LED n/a Indicates the status of the Ethernet connection.
Wireless Antenna n/a Provides omnidirectional transmission and reception of signals between the Network Extender and communicating Verizon Wireless mobile phones.
Heat Vents n/a Provides passive ventilation for the Network Extender and allows for dissipation of internally generated heat.
WAN Port Modular 8-pin (RJ-45) Ethernet jack Allows connectivity to modem / router.
GPS Antenna Port Mini-coax Allows connection to GPS antenna and / or antenna extender.
DC 12V Power Port Barrel connector Power adapter connection.

Front view Rear view