moto g6 - Activate / Set Up Device

If you need to transfer contacts and media from one device to another, follow these step-by-step instructions before activating the new device.

Note Notes:

  1. If powered off, press and hold the Power button until the moto logo appears then release.
    Power button
  2. From the 'Welcome' screen, select the appropriate language then tap LET'S GO.
    Note Allow several seconds for activation to complete.
    Start Screen
  3. If presented with the 'Phone Activation' screen, tap NEXT or tap ACTIVATE NOW.
    Note If prompted, enter the account PIN then follow the onscreen prompts (see Account PIN FAQs for additional info).
    Note If activating a new phone, ensure the old phone is powered off and allow several minutes for the deactivation of the old phone to complete.
    Phone activation
  4. From the 'Welcome to your moto g(6)' screen, select the preferred option.
    Copy Data
  5. From the 'Connect to Wi-Fi' screen, select a network then enter the password.
    Note If you choose 'SKIP', you can add a Wi-Fi network after setup is complete.
    Wi-Fi screen
  6. From the 'Sign in with your Google Account' screen, sign in to your existing Google™ account or create a new one, then tap Next.
    Note If you choose 'Skip', you can add your Google account after setup is complete.
    Google account
  7. From the 'Name' screen, enter your first and last name then tap NEXT.
  8. From the 'Unlock with fingerprint' screen, tap ADD FINGERPRINT.
    Note If you choose 'Skip', you can add a fingerprint after setup is complete.
  9. From the 'Google Services' screen, select any of the following to turn on or off, then tap ACCEPT (may require scrolling to the bottom).
    Google services
  10. From the 'Verizon Cloud' screen, tap NEXT.
    Note If you choose 'SKIP', you can set up Verizon Cloud after setup is complete.
    Verizon Cloud
  11. From the 'Email Accounts' screen, select an email account type then enter your sign-in info.
    Note If you choose 'SKIP', you can add an email account after setup is complete.
    Email Account
  12. From the 'Verizon Security' screen, tap NEXT.
    Verizon Security
  13. From the 'About your privacy' screen review the Privacy settings then tap ACCEPT AND CONTINUE
    Note To review the Moto Privacy Policy:
    1. Tap Privacy settings
    2. Tap View Motorola Privacy Policy (at the bottom)
    3. When finished, tap DONE.
    4. Tap the left arrow icon (lower-left).
    Motorola Privacy
  14. From the 'Ready to Go!' screen, tap GOT IT.
    Ready to go

Video Camera Icon If you'd like additional support, check out this Getting Started With a New Smartphone video.