Configure Advanced Sync Settings - BlackBerry® Desktop Manager v6.x (Windows®)

Note Basic configuration must be completed for Advanced settings to be available. Refer to Configure Sync Settings for assistance.

  1. Ensure the device is connected to the computer via the supplied USB cable.
  2. Launch BlackBerry Desktop Software.
    Note From the Windows desktop, navigate: Start > All Programs (Programs) > BlackBerry > BlackBerry Desktop Software.
    Note With Windows 10, click Start > Apps icon Apps Menu icon (located in the top-left corner) > All apps (located in the bottom-left corner) > BlackBerry > BlackBerry Desktop Software.
  3. From the left menu, click Organizer.
  4. From the Synchronization Settings section, click Configure settings.
  5. Select one of the following device apps then click Advanced:
    • Calendar
    • MemoPad
    • Address Book
    • Tasks
  6. Click Map Folder.
  7. Ensure the appropriate folders are mapped then click OK (located at the bottom).
    Map folder screen with OK
  8. From the Confirmations section, ensure the desired settings are selected (checked):
    Confirm record deletions (Recommended)
    A confirmation of deleted items is displayed.
    Confirm changes and additions (Recommended)
    A confirmation of changes and additions is displayed.
  9. Click Conflict Resolution (located on the bottom-right).
  10. Select one of the following then click OK:
    Add all conflicting items
    All conflicting items are added.
    Ignore all conflicting items
    No conflicting items are added.
    Notify me when conflict occur
    A prompt is displayed with options to resolve the conflicting items.
    Device wins
    Items from the device are added.
    Desktop application (e.g. Microsoft® Outlook) wins
    Items from the desktop app are added.
  11. Click Filters (located on the bottom-right), configure as desired then click OK.
  12. Click Map Fields (located on the bottom-right) configure as desired then click OK.
    Note If desired, repeat steps 5 through 12 to configure additional advanced app settings.