Verizon Cloud - Android™ - Install / Set Up Password Manager

Note Notes:

  • For LastPass instructions and support, visit the LastPass Customer Support page.
  • Your Verizon Cloud paid subscription (500 GB or 1 TB option) includes LastPass Premium at no extra charge, which gives you the ability to manage your passwords with one app.
  • Installing LastPass via the Cloud app begins 6 months of LastPass Premium. After the 6 month subscription expires, you can continue the premium subscription by purchasing the LastPass premium subscription from within the LastPass app, or revert to the free subscription.
  • Features not included in the free subscription are:
    • Emergency access
    • One-to-many sharing
    • Advanced multi-factor options
    • Priority tech support
    • LastPass for Applications
    • 1 GB encrypted file storage


Install the LastPass App
Set Up the LastPass App


Install the LastPass App

  1. Open Verizon Cloud.
    Note If Cloud is not already installed on your phone, download and install it from the Play Store.
    Note For devices running Android version 8.x, swipe up or down from the center of a Home screen, then navigate: Verizon > Cloud Cloud icon.
    Note For devices running Android version 7.x or earlier, navigate: Apps > Verizon > Cloud.
  2. Tap the Menu icon Menu icon (upper-left).
    Cloud main screen
  3. Tap Passwords.
    Note If Passwords isn't available, ensure your version of Cloud is up to date.
    Cloud menu
  4. Tap Get It on Google Play.
    LastPass webpage
  5. Tap INSTALL.
    LastPass Google Play page
  6. If prompted to complete Google account setup, tap CONTINUE.
    Google Play account setup
  7. If prompted to add a payment option, select the preferred option then tap CONTINUE. Follow the on-screen setup prompts to set up the payment method.
    Note There is no charge for using the Cloud app. This payment option is applied to any purchases made in the Play Store (app downloads, in-app purchases, etc.), and the prompt only appears if you haven't already set up a default payment method.
    Note Tap SKIP if you don't want to add a payment option.
    Google Play payment setup
  8. Open and set up the LastPass app.


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Set Up the LastPass App

  1. After downloading and installing LastPass, tap the LastPass icon LastPass icon on your home screen or in your app list.
  2. Swipe the screen to the left twice then tap SIGN UP.
    Sign up for LastPass
  3. Enter your email address then tap CREATE MY ACCOUNT.
    Create LastPass account
  4. Enter and confirm your Master Password and a Password hint (optional) then tap SET MY PASSWORD.
    Note Password requirements:
    • Must be at least 8 characters length
    • Must not be your email address
    • Must not be a commonly used password (e.g., 'password').
    Create LastPass password
  5. If your device has a fingerprint reader and you want to associate your fingerprints with LastPass, tap USE FINGERPRINT TO UNLOCK. Otherwise, tap SKIP > SKIP.
    Note If your device supports other security options (e.g., Iris Recognition, Face Recognition, etc.), additional options may be presented.
    Enable fingerprints
  6. When finished, tap GO TO MY VAULT.
    Complete LastPass setup
  7. If prompted to 'Autofill with LastPass', tap ENABLE to let LastPass automatically fill your usernames and passwords for you.
  8. If prompted to enable permissions, tap NEXT to give LastPass permission to automatically fill your login info.
  9. When directed to the Accessibility screen, tap LastPass then tap the switch to turn on Switch on or off Switch off.
  10. Tap the left arrow icon Left arrow icon (upper-left) to return to the Accessibility screen.
  11. Tap the left arrow icon again to return to the Settings screen, then tap your phone's Back icon or press the Back button to return to LastPass.




Note If you no longer want to use LastPass, remove the app via the Play Store then delete your account.

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