One Talkā„  - Call Recording via USB Storage

Note Notes:

  • These steps apply to the CP920 conference phone as well as the T41S / SW, T42S and T46S / SW desk phones.
  • Only one USB device (e.g., flash drive, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi adapter, etc.) can be used at a time.


  1. Insert a USB flash drive into the USB port on the conference phone to record active calls.
    • CP920 conference phone:
      USB port
    • T41S/SW, T42S and T46S/SW desk phones:
      USB port
  2. The device acknowledges that a flash drive was inserted:
    USB connected
  3. To record audio calls:
    1. Press the More soft key.
      Press More
    2. Press the Start REC soft key during an active call.
      Press Start REC
    3. Press the Stop REC soft key to stop recording. The recorded file is saved to the flash drive.
      Note If you end a call during recording, the recorded file is saved automatically.
      Note Tap the More > Pause REC soft key to pause recording; tap the Re REC soft key to resume recording.
      Press Stop REC
      Recording saved
  4. To play recorded calls on the desk phone:
    Note Calls are recorded in .wav format and can also be played back by plugging the USB drive into a computer.
    1. Select USB Record.
      Note If using a T41S/SW, T42S or T46S/SW desk phone, select option 6 from the home screen.
      Select USB Record
    2. Select Browse Recordings.
      Select Browse Recordings
    3. Select the desired recording then press Play.
      Select the recording to play
  5. To view the used and remaining space on your USB drive, select USB Record then select Storage Media Properties.
    Used and remaining space on USB drive