VZ Navigator® - 3G Basic Phone - Use Automatic Speech Recognition

Note Notes:

  • If necessary, update the VZ Navigator app to the latest version.
  • Images may vary depending on the device.
  • This feature only recognizes English language and requires the language to be set to English. Refer to Change the Language - VZ Navigator® for additional assistance.

  1. While in VZ Navigator, press the left soft key to choose Say It.
    Select Say It
  2. Select an option (e.g., Say Place Name, Say Airport, Say Address, etc.).
    Select an Option
  3. Press and hold the Send key Send Key and speak into the phone then release the Send key Send Key.
  4. Select an option then select View.
    Note If using a non-touchscreen device, utilize the 5-way navigation pad to highlight and the center button to select.
    Select View
  5. View the information then select Navigate.
    Select Navigate