Samsung Galaxy Watch - Set Up as a Standalone Device

Note Notes:

  • While used with a standalone plan, the Galaxy Watch will not require an Android™ smartphone or Apple® iPhone® to function after initial activation but does require the phone for certain options (e.g., software updates, email, etc.).
  • Standalone mode can't be used with NumberShare and provides limited functionality.
    Note Continue to use in conjunction with a companion smartphone for maximum functionality.


  1. Ensure your the Galaxy Watch has been set up using a QR code with an Android smartphone or Apple iPhone.
    Note If you're upgrading or replacing your Galaxy Watch, refer to Replace Existing Device.
  2. Reset your Galaxy Watch.
  3. If necessary, tap the watch display to begin.
  4. From the 'Let's go' screen, swipe up.
  5. Tap More info.
    Note If a question mark icon Question mark icon appears in place of 'More info', no mobile network has been registered. Refer to step 1 to add a mobile network.
    More info
  6. Scroll to the bottom, then tap here.
    Tap here
  7. Review the 'Continue without connecting' notice and choose Continue.
    Note If you select Restart the watch will power off and on then return to the 'Let's go' screen.
    Continue without connecting
  8. After reviewing the 'End User License Agreement' and 'Privacy Policy', tap Agree.
    Agree to end user license and privacy policy
  9. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions then tap Next.
    Terms and conditions
  10. From the 'Samsung account' screen, tap Next.
    Samsung account
  11. Tap the desired Wi-Fi network.
    Note If necessary, tap the Refresh icon Refresh WiFi to refresh the list of available Wi-Fi networks or the Add icon Add WiFi to manually add a Wi-Fi network to the watch.
    Note If you choose 'SKIP', you can add a Wi-Fi network after setup is complete.
    Select WiFi
  12. From the 'Mobile networks' screen, tap NEXT.
    Mobile network next
  13. Select the desired network.
    Select network
  14. Tap NEXT.
    Select network next
  15. From the 'Create PIN' screen, tap Next.
    Create a PIN
  16. Enter a 4-digit PIN then enter the 4-digit PIN again to confirm.
  17. At the 'All done! Activation complete.' screen, tap OK.
    Note If the device is not provisioned with a phone number, at the 'Your number could not be activated' screen, tap OK.