Samsung Galaxy Book2 - Activate / Set Up Device

Note If performing first time (out-of-the-box) setup, ensure the SIM card is inserted.

  1. If powered off, press the Power button.
    Power button
  2. Review 'selected language' and tap Yes.
  3. Select your region, United States.
  4. Choose the 'right keyboard layout' then tap Yes. If prompted, to add a second keyboard layout, select as Yes or Skip.
  5. From the "Let's get connected" screen, select the preferred network (e.g., Mobile broadband, Wi-Fi).
    Note If prompted, enter the network security key then select Next.
  6. To continue, review the Windows 10 License Agreement and tap Accept.
  7. Choose a name and password for your Samsung Book2 and enter it.
    Note You'll be asked to set up a password and verify it. You'll also have to set up 3 security questions.
  8. Use your fingerprint to sign in.
    Note Fingerprint reader is located on the rear upper-right of the screen. Select 'Skip for now' or 'Set up'.
  9. Set up a PIN.
  10. From the "Meet Cortana" screen, select Yes.
    Note To set up Cortana at a later time, go to Set Up Cortana.
  11. Review privacy settings and tap Accept.
  12. Windows will complete setup.
    Note Allow several minutes for Windows 10 setup to complete.