RED HYDROGEN ONE - Common Camera Settings

Note For additional info on camera settings, refer to the 'Camera and video' section of the user guide.

  1. From a Home screen, tap the Camera icon Camera Icon (at the bottom).
    If not available, swipe up from the center of a Home screen then tap Camera.
  2. Select an option: Select a Camera Option


Auto / Manual

Tap the Auto/Manual icon to allow the camera to automatically adjust exposure and shutter speed or adjust these values manually.
Auto/manual switch




Blur Background

Tap the Blur Background icon to add a blurred background effect.
Standard/wide angle switch





Tap the Flash icon to cycle between flash options (auto, on, off).
Flash switch




HDR Mode

Tap the HDR icon to cycle between HDR modes (auto, on, off).
Note HDR (High Dynamic Range) - Combines photos or videos taken at different exposures for one optimal photo or video.
HDR switch





Tap the Filters icon to apply various filters to your photo.
Filters icon




Front or Rear Facing Camera

Tap the Camera Facing switch to change between the rear-facing and front-facing cameras.
Front/rear facing camera switch



Photo / Video Mode

Tap the Mode switch to change modes to either take a photo or record a video.
Note The icon changes to reflect which mode is currently active.
Mode switch with photo mode active Mode switch with video mode active



2D / 4V Mode

Tap the 2D/4V switch to change between the standard two-dimensional camera and 4-View Holographic camera modes.
Note 4V mode allows you to capture "holographic" 3D photos and videos which can be shared with other devices that support 4V viewing modes.
Note The icon changes to reflect which mode is currently active.
Mode switch with 2D camera mode active Mode switch with 4V camera mode active





Tap the Gallery thumbnail to view previously taken photos.





Tap the Settings icon then select an option:
Settings icon

  • Panorama
  • Beauty
  • Histogram
  • Adjust Color
  • 2D Resolution
  • Self Timer
  • Storage
  • Shutter Sound