Critical Device Report Guide - Wandera

How to Generate a Critical Device Report
Content Included in the Critical Device Report



  • The Critical Device Report provides a view of users/devices within Wandera-RADAR Portal that currently have a ‘Critical’ Device Status.
  • Typically, a Critical Device Status signifies that Wandera is currently unable to either protect, manage, optimise or view device traffic. For more info on Device Statuses, see the following article: Device Statuses.
  • To ensure device compliance and visibility, users/devices with a Critical Device Status should be rectified in order to return them to an ‘Active’ Device Status.




How to Generate a Critical Device Report

Note Customer can generate the Critical Device Report via RADAR Portal.
  1. Log into the RADAR Portal  then navigate to the Devices List.
  2. Apply a Filter on those records which have a Critical Device Status.
  3. Once a list has been returned, mark the check box next to device(s) displayed.
  4. Select More Actions.
  5. Select Export All Devices.
  6. Thisl downloads a .csv report to your computer, which can be opened and edited in any spreadsheet editor, such as Microsoft Excel.




Content Included in the Critical Device Report

To troubleshoot Critical Issues identified in the Critical Device Report, review article Critical Issues. Once generated, the Critical Device Report contains a number of columns as defined below:
  • Email - email address of the user.
  • Username - the username assigned to the user.
  • Group - the Group that the device belongs to (if any). If the device has not been assigned to a Group, this value will be blank, signifying that the device is part of ‘No Group’.
  • Notification Type - how notifications will be delivered to the device (via Push Notification or Email Notification).
  • Enrolment Type - how the device was enrolled (via Email or SMS).
  • Device Name - the name assigned to the device.
  • UDID - the Unique Identifier assigned to the device.
  • Carrier/Plan - the Configured Carrier/Plan applied to the device.
  • Phone Number - the phone number for the device.
  • Platform - the make of device.
  • Version - the model of device.
  • Wandera Version - the Version of Wandera that is installed on the device.
  • Device Status - the overall Status of the Device.
  • App Status - the time and date that we last received an update about the device from the App.
  • Last Location - the time and date that we last received location information from the device.
  • EMMC Status - the time and date that the device last checked in via EMMC.
  • Last Web Data - the time and date the device last passed cellular data through the Wandera service.
  • Location Status - whether we are able to determine the location of the device.
  • Background Fetch - whether Background Fetch is enabled on the device.
  • Fix Instructions - how to resolve the critical status on this device.