moto 5G - Attach / Detach moto mod

Note Notes:
  • The moto mods are multi-generational and work with other moto z smartphones as they become available.
  • The phone can be either on or off when attaching/detaching the 5G moto mod.
  • The 5G indicator only displays while in an active 5G data session.


  1. To attach or remove the 5G moto mod match the connectors on back of the device.
    Note The 5G mod magnetically attaches to the moto z3 phone.
    Note The z3 connector on the back of the phone provides a high speed connection allowing the phone and mod to work together. 
    5g moto mod
  2. At the 'Moto 5G Starting' up screen, wait for the 5G moto mod to power up.  
    5G start up
  3. To verify connection, make sure 'connected' appears at the bottom of the screen.
    5G connected
  4. To disconnect the 5G moto mod, detach the mod from the device.


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