Hum x by Verizon - Mobile App - Set Up NumberShare Contacts


  • The Hum device must be set up to share with an eligible mobile number. For additional help refer to Manage NumberShare Devices - My Verizon Website.
  • NumberShare allows both the Hum Speaker and smartphone to ring when someone calls. The call can be answered from either device.
  • The smartphone does not need to be in the vehicle for NumberShare to work but the phone must be able to receive calls (e.g., line cannot be suspended, must be in a coverage area, etc.).
  • Up to 3 numbers can be saved in the Hum mobile app to allow the Hum Speaker to make outbound calls no matter where the phone is.


  1. Tap the Hum app.
    Note If prompted, enter your username and password.
  2. Tap the Menu icon Menu icon (upper-left) then tap NumberShare.
  3. Tap the Turn on NumberShare switch to turn on On switch.
    Note The number being shared is displayed below the on / off switch.
  4. From the Hum Contacts section, tap Add contact then tap Allow to view saved contacts.
    Note If 'Don't Allow' is selected, contact info can be manually entered.
    Allow access to contacts
  5. Select the prefered contact.
    contact list
  6. Confirm the contact name and number then tap Save.