Google Pixel 3a - Transfer Data via Android Beam

Note Android Beam:

  • can be utilized to transfer data (e.g., web pages, videos, place page in Maps, etc.) from one Near Field Communication (NFC) capable device to another when only a few centimeters apart, typically back-to-back.
  • is functional when NFC is turned on.

  1. Ensure Android Beam turned on.
  2. Ensure the content to be shared (e.g. website, video, etc.) is open and visible on the display.
  3. Tap Share Share icon (at the bottom-left).
    Note If necessary, tap the screen or menu to display the options.
  4. Align the two devices so they are back-to-back.
  5. Tap Tap to beam.
    Note If the device receiving the data doesn't have the necessary app to view it, the Google Play Store launches an app download page.
    Note Not all Android™ devices are capable of receiving a beamed image from all other Android devices when made by different manufacturers.