Sonim XP5s® - Wireless Emergency Alerts

  1. From the Home screen, press the Apps tray button Apps button.
  2. Navigate: Settings Settings icon > Apps & notifications Apps & notifications settings icon.
    Note Utilize the 5-way navigation pad to highlight and the center button to select.
  3. Select Wireless Emergency alert.
  4. Select an option to turn on  switch to enable or off switch to disable.
    Note Presidential Alerts are mandatory and can't be turned off.
    • AMBER alerts
    • Extreme alerts
    • Severe Alert
    • Alert Reminder
      Note Select an option:
      • Off
      • Every 15 Minutes
      • Every 2 Minutes
      • Once
    • Select 'Vibrate' switch to turn on or off.
    • Select 'Speak alert message' switch to turn on or off.