Samsung Galaxy Watch - Connect to New Phone

Note Notes:

  • The steps below only apply when you need to connect your existing Galaxy Watch to a new Android™ smartphone or Apple® iPhone®.
  • For first time setup / activation of a new Galaxy Watch or replacement of an existing Samsung smartwatch, refer to one of the following:


  1. Ensure the Galaxy Watch is charged and powered on.
  2. From the watch screen, press the Home button to open the apps screen.
    Press and hold the Home button
  3. Double-tap the Settings icon Settings icon.
  4. Swipe up to scroll to the bottom then tap Connect to new phone.
  5. Review the message then tap the Checkmark icon Checkmark icon.
    Note If necessary, swipe up to scroll to the bottom then tap Back Up Data.
    Note The watch resets which takes up to 10 minutes.
  6. From the 'Let's go' screen, swipe up then connect to one of the following devices:


Connect to a new Android smartphone

  1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app Galaxy Wearable app icon on the new Android smartphone.
    Note If necessary, install the app.
  2. Tap Get Started.
    Tap Get started
  3. Tap Galaxy Watch 46mm/42mm.
    Note If prompted, tap Allow to approve the necessary permissions.
    Select Galaxy Watch
  4. Ensure the passkey matches what's displayed on the Galaxy Watch then tap 'PAIR' or 'Connect' on the smartphone and the Checkmark icon Checkmark icon on the Galaxy Watch.
  5. If using a non-Samsung Android smartphone to complete setup, tap OK then tap Install to allow the Gear Plugin and Samsung Accessory Service to install.
  6. To continue, review the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy then tap Agree.
    congrats and agree
  7. If using a non-Samsung Android smartphone to complete setup, when prompted with 'Allow Galaxy Watch PlugIn to...', tap ALLOW.
  8. Review (check) the Terms and conditions for each option then tap Next.
    Note You can agree to all or some of the services; however, accepting all the Samsung services improves your experience on the Galaxy Watch.
    agree to all
  9. If prompted, tap Sign in to complete the Samsung account setup.
    Note If you choose 'Skip', you can add a Samsung account after setup is complete.
    Samsung account
  10. If prompted to Restore your watch from backups, do the following:
    1. Tap Check for backup to retrieve a previous Samsung smartwatch backup then tap Next.
      Note If you prefer to set up as new, tap Skip for now then tap Next.
       restore backup
    2. Select the data (e.g., Phone, Messages, etc.) you want to restore then tap Restore.
      Note Selected when a checkmark is present.
      Samsung account restore backup
  11. Tap Connect to previous network then tap Next.
    Tap Connect to previous network
  12. Tap Next.
    Tap next




Connect to a new Apple iPhone

  1. Open the Samsung Galaxy Watch (Gear S) app Galaxy Wearable app icon on your new Apple iPhone.
    Note If necessary, install the app from the App Store.
  2. If prompted with 'Galaxy Watch Would Like to Use Bluetooth', tap OK.
    Note If necessary, tap Settings then tap the Bluetooth switch to turn on Switch on icon.
    Start the journey
  4. Tap Galaxy Watch 46mm/42mm.
    Select Galaxy Watch
  5. From the 'Watches spotted nearby' screen, tap Galaxy Watch.
  6. From the 'Bluetooth Pairing Request' prompt, tap Pair on the iPhone then tap the Checkmark icon checkmark on watch on the Galaxy Watch.
    Pair bluetooth
  7. Review the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy, check the desired options (e.g., Bixby and other voice services, Report diagnostic info, etc.) then tap AGREE.
    Agree to terms
  8. If prompted, tap 'Allow' or 'OK' to let the Galaxy Watch send you notifications, access your calendar, or access your contacts.
  9. Tap SIGN IN to complete Samsung account setup.
    Note If you choose 'SKIP', you can add a Samsung account after setup is complete.
    Samsung account
  10. Tap Connect to previous network then tap Next.
    Connect to a previous network
  11. Tap NEXT.
    Tap next