Volkswagen Car-Net® - Sign Up for Free Trial

Note Notes:

  • The free trial promotion ends 30 days from activation date or once the data usage cap (1 GB) is reached, whichever occurs first.
  • To sign up for the Wi-Fi trial, you need to:
    • locate then take note of the IMEI for your Volkswagen.
    • follow the steps below or contact Volkswagen Support at 877-820-2290.


  1. Using a Wi-Fi capable device (e.g., smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.), establish a connection with your car's Wi-Fi hotspot.
    Note If necessary, refer to Add Connected Device.
  2. From the VW Car-Net Security and Service app, perform the following:
    1. Ensure Wi-Fi Hotspot is on.
    2. From the Car-Net Home screen, tap BUY PLAN (upper-right).
    3. From the 'Your Current Plan' section, view the trial Start and End dates.
    4. Tap Add Wi-Fi to Existing Mobile Plan:
      • Enter your 10-digit phone number and zip code then tap VERIFY ACCOUNT.
      • From the Account Verified message, tap Continue.
      • Review the confirmation message then tap HOME.