Configure Synchronization Settings - BlackBerry® Desktop Manager (Macintosh®)

  1. Connect the device to the computer using the USB cable / cradle.
  2. Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
    Note From the Macintosh desktop, navigate Finder > Applications > BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
  3. Click Calendar, then click Sync Calendar.
  4. Click the desired synchronization method.
    Two Way
    Changes are synchronized to the device and desktop application
    Do not Sync
    Disables synchronization
  5. Ensure the desired synchronization method is selected.
    Note For Calendars, click the desired calendars. To sync all calendars, ensure All Calendars is selected.
    Caution If Selected Calendars is chosen, but a calendar isn't selected, all device data is deleted when synchronizing calendars or tasks.
    Note To sync all contacts and groups, ensure All Contacts and groups is selected.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for Contacts, Notes and Tasks.
  7. For Tasks, ensure the desired 'Tasks from' is selected then click the desired calendars.
    Note To sync tasks from all calendars, ensure All Calendars is selected.
  8. Click Sync.