Remove Wireless Network Connections - Macintosh® OS X

Here is some additional information about Wi-Fi.

  1. From the Macintosh desktop, navigate: Apple Menu (located in the upper-left) > System Preferences.
    Apple menu with focus on selecting system preferences
  2. Click Network.
    Click Network
  3. From the Services listing, ensure Wi-Fi (Airport) is selected then click Advanced.
    Network preferences with focus on selecting the Wi-Fi / Airport network
  4. From the Wi-Fi (Airport) tab, ensure the preferred network is selected and click Remove Wi-Fi network (minus symbol) then click OK.
    Wi-Fi (Airport) network removal
  5. If presented, enter the password then click OK.
  6. Click Apply (located in the lower-right).

Note For additional assistance, refer to Connect to a Wi-Fi Network.