Remove Wireless Network Connections - Windows® XP

Here is some additional information about Wi-Fi.

Note If your Windows operating system is unknown, refer to Determining Software Version - Windows.

  1. Open the Wireless Network Connection.
    Note From the system tray (located next to the clock) click the Wireless Network Connection icon.
    System tray wireless network connection icon
    Note Alternative navigation: from the Windows desktop click Start > (Settings) > Connect to (Network Connections) > Wireless Network Connection.
    Windows start menu navigating to wireless network connection
  2. From Related Tasks (located in the left panel) click Change the order of preferred networks.
    Wireless Network Connection screen
  3. From the Wireless Networks tab, ensure the appropriate Preferred network is selected then click Remove.
    Wireless Network Connection Properties screen


Note To recreate this connection, refer to Set Up Wi-Fi Connection - Windows XP for additional assistance.