Find Device - BlackBerry® Protect Web Portal

  1. Launch a web browser then navigate to the BlackBerry Protect Web Portal.
  2. Enter the Email Address and Password associated with the BlackBerry ID then click Sign In.
    Note If a BlackBerry ID account does not already exist, click Don't have a BlackBerry ID? then follow the step-by-step instructions to create the account.
  3. From the My Device section, click any of the following options:


View Location

Note To view location, the device must be powered on with GPS Location enabled.

  1. From View Location, the map pin displays the current device location.
    Note Click Refresh (located at the bottom) to reload the location view.
  2. Click Cancel (located at the bottom) to exit View Location




Play Sound

  1. From Play Sound, click Play Sound.
  2. The Loud profile is activated and the device rings for one minute.
  3. Click Cancel (located at the bottom) to exit Play Sound.




Display a Message

  1. From Display a Message, enter a message to display on your locked device.
  2. Click Display a Message.
  3. Click Cancel (located at the bottom) to exit Display a message