Lock Device - BlackBerry® Protect Web Portal

Caution Flag as Stolen deletes all device data (e.g. messages, contacts, apps, etc.). On BlackBerry 7.1 and higher media card data is also deleted.

Note Notes:


  1. Launch a web browser then navigate to the BlackBerry Protect Web Portal.
  2. Enter the Email Address and Password associated with the BlackBerry ID then click Sign In.
    Note If a BlackBerry ID account does not already exist, click Don't have a BlackBerry ID? then follow the step-by-step instructions to create the account.
  3. From the My Device section, click Lock Device.
  4. Click Lock Device.
    Note If applicable, enter a password (between 4 and 32 characters) into the New and Confirm Password fields.
  5. From the Lock Device screen, view the progress then click Close.