Enable / Disable NDIS (Network Driver Interface Specification) - VZAccess® Manager (Windows®) - 4G

Note Refer to Modifying the 4G Adapter to enable / disable the 4G adapter.

  1. Launch VZAccess Manager.
    Note From the Windows desktop, navigate: Start > All Programs (Programs) > VZAccess Manager.
    Note With Windows 10, click Start > Apps icon Apps Menu icon (located in the top-left corner) > All apps (located in the bottom-left corner) > VZAccess Manager.
  2. If presented, enter the PIN then click OK.
    Note The default PIN is 1111.
  3. Ensure the WWAN connection status indicates Not Connected (located in the lower left).
    Note If Connected, click File > Disconnect.
  4. From the top menu, click Options > Preferences.
  5. From the Device connection preference dropdown, select the desired option.
    LAN Adapter - Auto-connect
    Enable NDIS mode
    LAN Adapter - Auto-connect except when roaming
    Enable NDIS mode except when roaming
    LAN Adapter - Manually connect
    Disable NDIS mode
  6. On the warning screen, click OK.
    Click OK