Add a Calendar Event - Samsung Galaxy Tab™

  1. From a home screen, select Applications.
  2. Select Calendar.
  3. Select + (plus symbol, located in the upper right).
  4. Enter an event title in the Title field.
  5. Select the From date field.
  6. Set a date then select Set.
  7. For an all day event, enable All day then skip to step 14.
    Note Enabled when a green check mark is present.
  8. Select the From time field.
  9. Set a time then select Set.
  10. Select the To date field.
  11. Set a date then select Set.
  12. Select the To time field.
  13. Set a time then select Set.
  14. To set recurring event, select Repeat.
  15. Select one of the following then select Done.
    • One-time event
    • Daily
    • Every weekday (Mon-Fri)
    • Weekly (every Thursday)
    • Every 2 weeks (Thursday)
    • Monthly (every first Thu)
    • Monthly (on day 4)
    • Yearly (on November 19)
  16. To change the calendar, select Calendar.
  17. Select a calendar.
  18. Enter an event location in the Location field.
    Note To search the location and attach a map, select the map icon (located to the right).
  19. To set a reminder, select Alarm.
  20. Select one of the following.
    • None
    • On time
    • 5 mins before
    • 15 mins before
    • 1 hour before
    • 1 day before
    • 2 days before
    • 1 week before
    • Customize
  21. Enter a note in the Note field then select Done.