Apple® iPhone® 4 - Install Apps

  1. From the Home screen, tap App Store App store icon.
    Note To install apps, you must sign in with your Apple ID or create one.
  2. To browse the App Store, tap Categories.
  3. Tap the desired category (e.g., Books, Games, etc.).
  4. Browse the the App Store for a free or purchased app.
    Note To search for apps by name, tap Search (at the bottom) then enter the name of the app.
  5. Tap the app.
  6. Tap FREE or GET.
    Note If there's a charge for the app, tap the price (e.g., $1.99) then tap Buy or Buy App.
  7. Tap INSTALL or Install App.
  8. If prompted, tap Use Existing Apple ID then sign in to the iTunes Store to complete the install.