Restore Settings to Factory Defaults - Samsung SCH-LC11 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot

Caution Restore Settings to Factory Defaults only if absolutely necessary as it removes all modified settings including Network Name (SSID), Wi-Fi/Admin Password, etc.


  1. Ensure the device is powered on.
  2. Remove the battery cover.
    Note Utilizing the provided slot, carefully lift then detach the cover.
    Battery cover removal
  3. Press and hold the Reset/WPS key for 10 seconds (located on the right edge).
    Note LEDs change to white.
    Battery cover removed, Reset / WPS key


Note Alternatively, a restore can also be done as follows:

  1. Access the Administration Web Interface.
  2. From the Home screen, click Configuration.
  3. From the Advance menu, click Diagnostics.
  4. Click Restore Factory Defaults.
  5. Click OK.