Port Filtering - Verizon Wireless MiFi™ 2200 OTA

Caution Port filtering is an advanced feature, for additional assistance contact local computer technician or IT support. To obtain port settings contact the app manufacturer.

  1. Access the Administration Page.
  2. From the Home screen, navigate Security > Port Filtering.
    Port Filtering
  3. Ensure Enable Port Filtering is selected.
    Note Selected when a check mark is present.
    Port Filtering enabled
  4. Select the preferred application(s) then select Apply.
    Note Selected when a check mark is present.
    Note To add an application not listed, select Custom Applications then proceed to step 5.
    Allowed Applications
  5. Enter the following information then click Apply.
    • Application name
    • Beginning port number
    • Ending port number
    • Port type: TCP / UDP, TCP or UDP
    Custom Port Filtering