Apple® iPad® - Personal Hotspot Settings


Note For USB tethered connections on a Windows computer, iTunes must be installed.

  1. From the Home screen, navigate: Settings Settings icon > Personal Hotspot.
    Note If you don't see Personal Hotspot, navigate: Settings > Cellular Data > Personal Hotspot.
    Note If previously activated, skip to step 3.
    Note If Personal Hotspot isn't available, ensure that it's set up.
  2. If prompted, select the appropriate setting:
    Note The Personal Hotspot activation process may take several minutes.
    • Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: Personal Hotspot available over Bluetooth, USB, and Wi-Fi
    • USB only: Personal Hotspot available over USB only
    Note The USB connection is visible in the computer's network connections. To verify, refer to:
  3. Verify the Personal Hotspot switch is turned on Switch On or off Switch On.
  4. To change the Wi-Fi password, tap the Wi-Fi Password field, edit the info then tap Done.
    Note The Wi-Fi password must contain at least 8 characters.


Note Check out these FAQs for additional support on Mobile Hotspot.