Add an Existing Google™ Account - Casio G'zOne Commando® (C771)

If you don't already have an account, refer to Create a New Google Account.

  1. From the home screen, tap the Apps tab.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Accounts & sync.
  4. Tap Add account.
  5. Tap Google.
  6. Tap Next.
  7. Tap Sign in.
  8. Enter the following information then tap Sign in.
    • Username
    • Password
  9. If presented, configure Data & synchronization settings as appropriate, tap Finish then skip to step 4.
    Note If not presented, skip to step 3.
  10. If presented, configure the following setting then tap Next.
    Note Enabled when a green checkmark is present.
    • Back up data with my Google Account.
  11. Tap Finish setup.

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