Check Device Storage - BlackBerry® Bold™ 9930 Smartphone

To free up space if your device runs slow or crashes/resets, apps freeze when running them, or you can't save media, view this info.

  1. From the Home screen All tray, select Options.
    Note To expand the tray, press the Menu button then select Open Tray.
    Home screen All tray with Options
  2. Select Device.
  3. Select Storage.
  4. View any of the following options:
    For the Media Card Storage to appear, a memory card must be inserted. Refer to Memory Card Inserting / Removing for assistance.
    • Application Storage
      • Free Space
    • Built-in Media Storage
      • Total Space
      • Free Space
    • Media Card Storage
      • Total Space
      • Free Space
Note If the device memory is full, unused items may be removed from the device such as:
  • Apps
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Music