Display Settings - BlackBerry® Bold™ 9930 Smartphone

  1. From the Home screen All tray, select Options.
    Note To expand the tray, press the Menu button then select Open Tray.
    Home screen All tray with Options
  2. Select Display.
    Options with Display
  3. Select Screen Display.
    Display with Screen Display
  4. Select an option (e.g. Font Family).
    • Font
      • Font Family
      • Font Size
      • Font Style
      • Font Smoothing
    • Backlight
      • Backlight Brightness
      • Backlight Timeout
      • Automatically Dim Backlight
      • LED Coverage Indicator
    • Theme
    Screen Display with available options
  5. Select a setting.
    Note Repeat steps 4 and 5 as desired until all settings are configured.
    Available settings
  6. Press the Menu button then select Save.
    Screen Display menu with Save