Move Pictures / Videos to SD / Memory Card - BlackBerry® Bold™ 9930 Smartphone

  1. From the Home screen All tray, select Media.
    Note To expand the tray, press the Menu button then select Open Tray.
    Home screen All tray with Media
  2. Press the Menu button.
  3. Select Explore.
    Media menu with Explore
  4. Select Device.
    File Folders with Device
  5. Select home.
    Device with Home
  6. Select user.
    Device/Home with User
  7. Select pictures.
    Device/Home/User with Pictures
  8. Highlight an image then press the Menu button.
    Device/Home/User/Pictures with an Image
  9. Select Cut.
    Image menu with Cut
  10. Press the Menu button then select Up.
    Note Repeat this step as necessary to navigate back to the File Folders screen.
    Device/Home/User/Pictures menu with Up
  11. Select Media Card.
    File Folders with Media Card
  12. Select BlackBerry.
    Media Card with BlackBerry
  13. Select the appropriate image location (where the image will be moved to):
    • camera
    • pictures
    Media Card/BlackBerry with camera
  14. Press the Menu button then select Paste.
    Media Card/BlackBerry/camera menu with Paste